Day 10

Today is a snow day!!!!!!!!! The snow here is knee deep and it’s still snowing!

Around 10 am Karina taught me how to make eggs. It was pretty simple, but one of the eggs had two yolks which was super exciting. After awhile we (Karina, Lilah and me) went outside. Lilah and I climbed trees, while Karina built a snowman, well I helped to lift the body onto the bottom but other than that Karina made it. Then Pear came out and we all had a snowball fight. For lunch we all went to the creamery, and then we came home and now we are all watching Harry Potter, the fifth one I think.

Yesterday after school Indra, a girl named Sienna and me where the only ones on the bus. I went over to Indra’s again and we took a walk with her dogs. 

Also all day yesterday people where checking a snow day calculator online religiously, and what I heard was that over 75% was always a snow day without fail. In the morning it had been at 99% then down to 35% but by the end of the day it had been 89%. I guess they where right.


Day 9

Yesterday after school only Ezra, Indra and me were on the bus because this week is tech week for Macbeth, which is the play they are doing. That means Karina, Pear and Lilah don’t get home till eight. So the bus ride was much faster because we only had to drop Ezra off at the creamery, and then I went over to Indra’s. Her house is a mile and a half farther from school than where I am staying. When we got there we decided to bake. The issue we came up with though was whether to bake cookies or brownies. She asked a lot of people, most of who didn’t get back to us until it was too late and we had started baking already. We decided on cookies in the end because cookie batter tastes better than brownie batter even though brownies are more satisfying in the end. I didn’t have my camera, but  Indra took pictures. They looked good, but tasted better. After we baked she had to feed her horses. That was probably the most exciting thing, because her barn, or stable, whatever it’s called is right in her backyard, so we walked out her door, across her (extremely icy) driveway, and then where at the barn. She has four horses. She shows two of them, but one of them is very new to the shows, and the other two are retired. After dinner we had ice cream sandwiches with the cookies that we had just made.

Today has been reasonably average. After history class we had two studio blocks, because it’s tuesday. Today I went to acapella, which isn’t usually my thing, because I don’t love to sing but it was fun anyway. Then I went to blues band again but this time I played flute. The piece was pretty easy but it was nice to finally play. Now I have two frees and then I have math.

Also I think I finally know everybody who I talk to regularly’s names. Which basically includes the whole 10th grade and parts of the 9th and 11th, with a few seniors.


Day 8

I have officially been here a week. Today in chemistry we started the last unit my class at home had done. I did half the homework for chemistry in class but I couldn’t do the rest of it because class ended and I don’t have a chemistry book. Then we had english class. Before talking about last nights reading we went over vocab for a test next monday. I really liked the way they learned vocab because we have a book that has progressively harder units, but their teacher came up with words and they went over it in class. Then was spanish where we started presenting our presentations. I didn’t present today and probably will on wednesday. Then after lunch was math when we found out about a test tomorrow. Then I had two frees. I am not going to ski today because the snow is too crunchy, but maybe tomorrow.

Day 6

Yesterday school was normal but after school Pear and I went to community supper. We went to a kitchen in the basement of a small but pretty church. When we got there we started to do several jobs. Some people made salad, others organized the main meal, and I helped set up tables. We put out napkins, flowers, salt and pepper. Then we set up bread baskets and butter and put them on the table too. After that was done I helped make 5 take home meals with salads and deserts. When people arrived I served quesadillas. There where also three types of pasta, salad and a type of soup. Some people who came through the line didn’t look at us, but other people came through the line smiling at us and being very nice. That made me really happy. After everybody was served we got to eat.  After dinner we did the dishes. I dried them and handed them to an eighth grader named Sam. He put them away. After the dishes where done we served desert. I served brownies, and again after everyone had been served we got to eat. Then we cleaned up and did more dishes. I talked to Kate, who is one of Pears team leaders, and so she was leading our community supper group too. 

At the end of the community supper we where all exhausted and I wasn’t really in the mood to go to a school dance, but we all went back to school and changed for the dance anyway. I usually don’t go to dances at home, mostly because I tend to have dance earlier in the day and am tired, but the dance was pretty fun. It was nice because I didn’t just spend time with people in the tenth grade, but I spent time with Pear and Karina and Lilah and all the other grades. I don’t know if that was just because I don’t have a set circle of friends here like I do at home or if there is actually more mixing from one grade to the other, but I think that there is more mixing from one grade to another, and I think that is due to them having morning meeting all together instead of homeroom in small groups with one grade. 

After the dance we got home really late and I went to sleep, which is why I didn’t blog last night. 

This morning I woke up and for breakfast we had sausage, bacon, and blueberry pancakes. Then we went ice skating. I can’t remember the last time I went ice skating, and it was quite an experience. It wasn’t way too hard to pick up on a basic level but i still fell a ton. Then we had burgers for lunch and now we are back at home.

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow.

Day 4

For the past few days Karina and another girl on the bus, Indra have been wanting mac and cheese. Today we finally had mac and cheese for dinner. Another great thing about today was there where two more studio blocks. Today I danced with Pear which was pretty simple dancing but incredibly fun anyway since it has been five days since I have had a dance class but it feels like much more because I spend so much time dancing usually. Then for the second studio block I watched women who rock. Its a band that only does songs by women artists. After lunch I got all of my work done except the end of a webassign for home and the last page of my spanish packet also for home. But I finished my spanish project and my chemistry lab.

After school I went skiing again and even though it wasn’t windy it was much colder.