Day 14, going home

Yesterday was my last full day in Cummington. After a really relaxed morning I went to see Macbeth again which was interesting because I caught things I had messed the first time through. Then Christy and I went to another town called North Adams to a place called Mass MoCA. It is a modern art museum that last night also had a dance show by Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal. So first we looked around the museum. The museum itself is cool because it is inside and old mill and all the buildings that where there when the mill was in operation are still intact, and look practically the same except covered in art. The first thing we saw was an exhibition by Sol LeWitt. His exhibit took up three floors, each dedicated to a different part of his life. The first was the early years and that was really interesting because he used mostly black and white with some red, yellow and blue, but it was all in pencil, and must have taken a really long time and plenty of patience to complete. The second floor was still mostly those five colors but it was painted and just like the bottom floor had mostly lines or circles, just simple shapes. Then the top floor was extremely colorful, and all of the colors where bright. The shapes became much harder to follow. Another really fascinating thing about his work was that a lot of it was based around patterns, some of which where simple, and some of which where very complicated, but I really like it when there are patterns because it can be looked at like a puzzle. Then we saw big dragons made out of scraps, but they where enormous and two of them took up the whole floor of a huge open room. Then there was an exhibit I had more trouble understanding. 

After that we ate dinner and then watched the dance company. It is an amazing company and I loved watching them. Their first two dances where more similar, and serious. When I think of modern dance that tends to be what I picture. But the last one, which I think was also my favorite was more of a story and much more playful. Overall it was amazing.

This morning I went with Christy to her pottery studio which is amazing. I got to see how she makes everything, and the kiln, and I found out that all the dishes in her house, or most of them, she made, which I thought was amazing. Then she gave me a gorgeous mug that is blue and green with really pretty flowers, but I forgot the name of them.

Then we baked, and help made lunch. After that my parents picked up Pear and me, and now I am home again and tomorrow I go back to my own school.

Overall this exchange has been amazing and I have learned so much academically, and socially or culturally, and I am really glad I got to experience everything.

Day 12

Today was my last day of school here at the academy. The classes where shortened to a half hour each, so every class was short, and much less got done because everybody is used to five minute pass time, so even though there was no pass time today people continued to act like there was and came five minutes late. Classes where practically 25 minutes today due to that. In history the class started reading Major Barbara, and we talked a little about The Importance of Being Earnest. I really enjoyed that because I could follow it and was really interested. Then in spanish I presented my presentation, which was okay but not great. In math they started a new short sidetracked unit because their spring break starts next week. After lunch I had a second free so I went and sat in on a french class. They where watching a video with english subtitles, but even in class I understood a few words of the french purely because it sounded like other words in spanish or even english.

The classes had all been shortened because the drama kids were preforming Macbeth for the school. It was very good. Karina played Banquo, and after that character has been killed there is a scene where Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have a banquet and Banquo haunts Macbeth. Karina, in the best way possible, was very good at haunting the person who played Macbeth, who was also very good. The play was amazing, at the end before Macbeth is killed he threw a piece (a real piece) of chicken at Macduff and his aim was perfect and that scene was done really well, and after Macbeth is killed when Macduff brings in his head it was wrapped in a cloth and when he brought it up to show everyone a (plastic) brain fell out. Lady Macbeth was also very good. Overall it was a very fun way to spend the end of my last day at school. Afterwards I said goodbye to people, and Begoña said she might come to one of the shows tomorrow which I am going to see, and I hope she does.

Indra said I could go over to her house after she was done riding, and I might of but then Peter took me to their neighbours who makes maple syrup and was boiling today. There is this really big complicated contraption and it was really fun, and interesting to see. It wasn’t a fast process but it was complicated with things that could go wrong consistently. Now we are watching a movie with Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart while waiting for Christy, Pear Lilah and Karina to get home.

Day 11

Today in school the drama kids had rehearsal for A, B and C periods so today for the first studio block, which was dance during B period it was just Begoña, who is on exchange from Spain, and me. Then I went to women who rock again. After lunch I had very little work, but I was having trouble with my math from home so I talked to the math teacher, and now it makes a bit more sense, and I was able to do the homework posted from home.

Tonight is the first show for Karina, Lilah and Pear, but since they are preforming the show for us tomorrow in school I decided not to go, but I will probably go to one of the other shows on saturday or the second show on friday.